Pipe Break Applications

There are products in the penetrating oil industry that are marketed as having a vast array of uses.  Pipe Break is an exception in that it is a focused product, designed solely to release the grip of rust on fasteners so that they can be removed without cutting or breaking the fastener.

Antique car restoration is a great example of the need to disassemble old rusted components but also preserve the parts so that the vehicle is restored to its original state.

Areas with frequent cycling between cold and hot along with moisture are prime application areas for Pipe Break.

A few possibilities are:


Automotive Bolts

Until the bolt is removed, you can't get back on the road.

Rusted Pipes

Rusted Pipes

Frees up cast iron pipes easily and without damage.

Truck Rust

Truck Rust

Keep the size of the breaker bar down with fewer extensions needed.

Industrial Rust

Imagine just how many rusty bolts there are in this steel plant.



Salt water and metal is a perfect recipe for rust - Pipe Break works to free that up.

Farm Equipment

Farm Equipment 

Crops take equipment, equipment breaks, rust can slow down repairs.

Bike Mainenance

Bike Maintenance

Many bikes live outside and they just plain rust. Pipe Break will make it easier to maintain them.

Rusted Locks

Locks are meant to keep people out, but not everyone.

Utility Rust

Being outside year-round, utility controls rust, but need to be maintained.  

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