Penetrating Oil Qualities

Break rusted parts loose fast

You have a task to do and the whole operation comes to a halt because of some serious rust in the wrong place. Time is important and the pieces are critical and cannot be replaced. What you want is the best way to free up those stuck nuts and get your job done. Time for a little Pipe Break – a product that works fast.

You have many products to choose from, but what you really need here is a true penetrating oil that creeps and breaks down rust. It gets to the problem, works through that rust and allows you to loosen up the unmoveable.

What makes Pipe Break better than the rest?

Penetrating Oil Qualities
Break rusted parts loose fast
Penetrating Oil Qualities

1) Surface tension

An important characteristic of penetrating oil is its ability to effectively penetrate down to the problem. Part of what helps it get down through tight places is the material’s surface tension.

2) Creep

Creep is certainly not a scientific term, but a good descriptor of how penetrating oil works. The penetrant needs to work its way down to where the problem is. Pipe Break's low viscosity and resulting surface tension allows it to penetrate into the tightest of places. A little tapping creates vibration to help it creep even further.

3) Soften Up Rust

Another quality of an effective penetrating oil is its ability to break down rust and soften it. When metal corrodes, the rust takes up more volume than the original metal. What was once a tight nut and bolt is now even tighter if rust has formed on the threads and your nuts are stuck.

4) Lubrication 

Once you’ve loosened up, it’s always best to leave a little lubricant film behind to be sure you stay that way. Pipe Break does exactly that.

Pipe Break Does It All

Pipe Break is a super penetrant formulated by Calfonex to be just what is needed – more than just a penetrating oil. It has all four major components to be “THE” product of choice when you really need to loosen up! 

How to Get the Best Results from Pipe Break

Spray Pipe Break on the affected area, tap lightly with whatever tool you have at hand. Spray a little more, tap a little more. Wait a few minutes. The vibration helps work Pipe Break down into the area to be loosened. Give it a little time to work and it should be loose and come apart.  For those completely impossible jobs, apply Pipe Break, tap the area and let it sit overnight. Pipe Break will penetrate and break down the rust. The next day, the fastener should loosen up.

Prove It for Yourself at No Risk

We are confident that the product with the green cap will help you loosen up. So confident in fact that if you’re not completely satisfied with Pipe Break’s performance, return the can and get your money back in full!

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