Pipe Break Applications

Pipe Break is a penetrating oil designed to break the bond that is created between two rusted fasteners. Some other products in this category are marketed as having a vast array of uses. Pipe Break is a focused product designed to release the grip of rust on fasteners so that they can be removed without cutting or breaking the fastener.

Antique car restoration is a great example of the need to disassemble old rusted components but also preserve the parts for re-use so that the vehicle is original to preserve its value. The other factor is being able to get the parts apart without damaging too much and getting it done efficiently.

Industries with Applications for Pipe Break

The more the rust, the more fasteners need to be removed without breaking parts or burning them off, the bigger the need for Pipe Break. Places that have corrosive environments and that have a lot of cycling between wet and dry as well as frequent heating along wtih moisture are prime application areas for Pipe Break. Some industies are;


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