About PipeBreakUSA

About PipeBreakUSA
Pipe Break USA

Pipe Break was originally formulated in the 1960s to address serious corrosion issues in the oil refinery industry. The problem there was molecular transfer in large diameter flange piping.

Pipe Break penetrated the joints and freed the flanges.

For the last 60 years, Pipe Break has been marketed almost exclusively to the mechanical construction and oil refinery industries. Only in the last four years has Pipe Break been available to the general public. Let’s face it, stuck nuts are not exclusive to industry and Pipe Break will certainly help you loosen up!

Pipe Break is now available online, here on our website, on Amazon and also on EBay. Special
pricing is always available for higher quantity orders – just call us at 844-474-7327.

Pipe Break works – quickly and easily!

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Proudly Made in USA
Proudly Made in America
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